Six String Soul

Now that we have dove into the technical side of the guitar world. We will continue to dive deeper. Over the next two weeks I will be talking about guitars themselves. This week, electric guitars. Next week, acoustics. So lets take a look.

Electric guitars have not been around as long as acoustic guitars go, but ever since their invention, they seem to be more popular of the two. That being said, I love both, but at the moment, I have more electric then acoustic. I am not the type to have one particular brand too. I like all types of electric and respect all the companies who produce these guitars. My line up of electrics that I have right now are a PRS SE Double Cutaway, Gretsch G5622T, Epiphone Les Paul SG, Fender American Telecaster, and a Jericho Avenger. They’re all my babies, and I try to take good care of them. But enough about my guitars, I think it would be good to talk about some of the most popular guitars out there.

There is one king who reigns supreme in the guitar world. That is Gibson. They were some of the first electrics, and over the years have proven to be the top brand out there by many famous artist. Actually so many artist use the Gibson models that it would be too hard to count. On the other side of the spectrum, you have Fender guitars. Leo Fender, the founder of Fender, was the one who pioneered the electric guitar. The tone that these models put off is beautiful but powerful at the same time. Lots of country artist, and praise and worship love these guitars. Under the two powerhouses are tons of other large companies who have been around just as long, or just recently surfaced. Like PRS, Gretsch, Jackson, Ibanez, and many more. The greatest thing about all of these different companies is that their guitars are all unique and different. From the look, too play style, too tone. As a guitarist myself, it is pretty awesome to be living now where we have so many choices to choose from.

So I would love to hear what are your favorites, and why you choose them. It’s great to hear other musicians explain their love for one specific model, or tons of different models.

Here are some of my guitars!



Whats your tone?

Over the past few weeks I have talked a little bit about my passion and some of the experiences that have came with it. Well, this week I am getting right down to business. I will be talking about the tones that come off of your guitar and what they mean.

In the guitar world, the sound that comes from your guitar is the final result from so many different factors. Those factors range in so many different ways. From the style of amp, guitar pedals, and even the strings on the guitar. But the neat thing about the tones that come from this instrument, is that they define you. They express what type of musician you are. What type of music you are in to. If you are angry or happy. Tones express emotion. 

For me, I have around 10 different guitars, but I have one single pedal board, and one amplifier. The pedal board has an assortment of different pedals that do different things. I start my board off with a thing called a compressor. Most guitarist have these and what it does is if my guitar has a sudden spike in volume, it will catch it and moderate it. Then I go to my drive. Drive is where you get the rock sound out of a guitar. Some drive is simple. You will hear that simple drive in blues, soft country, praise and worship, and so fourth. Next is the over-drive. This is basically the next level of distortion that I use. Depending if I have a bad day or need to blow off some steam, I crank this baby up and jam away. Hearing the power that comes from this type of pedal is honestly stress relieving. After that is my reverb pedal. Reverb is the sound you get when you clap your hands in a large bathroom. It creates this loud ambient effect. Following the reverb is my delay pedal. The delay pedal is amazing. It basically gives the echo effect. It will repeat sounds over and over. When you combine the reverb pedal and delay pedal, you get an amazing soft/sweet, but still powerful, sound.Sometimes when I just want to relax or chill, I will put my first drive on, switch my reverb and delay on, and sit and play for hours. After my delay is my boost. It basically gives me more volume when I want to cut through the mix. Like say I am playing a solo or something. Finally, is my volume pedal. It basically controls all my volume for the board. All of these pedals then run through my Fender 212 Frontman. The great thing about all these pedals and amps is that every single guitarist is different. They might have different variations of the pedals, or completely different pedals in general on their board. It is really up to the guitarist, how they feel, and how they play.

I am a laid back kind of guy, with an edgy rocker side. So how my tone sounds really shows how I feel about music, and what emotion I like to show. I hope some of you have enjoyed how I run my set up and I look forward to hearing about your tone!



Thank You Instagram

During my last two posts, I talked about why I love guitar and why I play music. This week I want to talk about a crazy experience that happened to me a few years ago. I know the title can be a little misleading, but you’ll understand why I fell in love with Instagram so much.

Every guitarist has their favorite professional guitarist. Some are our heroes in many cases. I can name a few at the top of my head; Angus Young, Slash, Jimmy Hendricks, Randy Rhoads, and many more. One guitarist that I have followed since I was young was actually not as big as the 70s and 80s guitar gods. His name is Jeffery Kunde. He plays for Jesus Culture. If you are not familiar with them, they are a contemporary Christian band that help pave the road for worship music. One thing about them that I loved was the guitar work in all their music. No it wasn’t a crazy 2 minute solo, but the tones, sounds, and riffs that Jeffery came up with were always my favorite to play. That being said, he wasn’t just a guitarist, he was an author as well. In the last few years he released a few books, and I decided to buy one of them. It was called “How I Play Guitar.” I remember when I first seen it, I had to impulse buy. Just because it was wrote by one of my favorite guitarist. It came in the mail about a week after I placed the order and I immediately started reading it. There were so many tricks and techniques that really helped me play better. I was so happy that I had purchased the book. Well, this is where the story gets neat. When I got done reading it, I decided I would post a picture of it on Instagram and tag Jeffery in it. About ten minutes later, I got a notification that he had actually commented on my photo. I was kind of star struck. Some people wouldn’t think it is that big of a deal, but it was huge to me. He then proceeded to snapshot my photo and repost it on his social media websites. It was an incredible hour to watch him actually take the time and respond to fans. It is one I will remember for a life time. I just need to get the book signed now.IMG_3040.PNG

I thought you guys would enjoy this crazy story that happened to me. Maybe some of you all have had some crazy encounters with your favorite musicians!

Cold Chills and Adrenaline

I guess the title says it all. For most people, when they do something they love, which means to truly love what they do, you get a special sensation that you don’t get with any other thing. To me that’s what playing guitar is. Especially when I play in live situations. This post will not be about the guitar itself, just feeling I personally get that comes from playing.

Fortunately, my band and I have played on some pretty big stages. Before we even go on, I get the nerves and anxiety that comes with a live performance. These nerves are not really the scared type, more of the, “Hey, let’s get out there and kill it!” I love the rush of playing a solo or a killer riff, and then hearing the crowd respond. The crazy thing is, that these feelings and emotions that overcome myself during these times all start in a small little bed room where I dream I am playing in front of millions. That being said, I don’t play in front of millions, but a couple hundred do the trick. All together, the same effect can happen to anyone.

I know, when I was in high school I used to play soccer during the spring. The feeling before a game was the same I get now before I go on. When I had to give up soccer because I really wasn’t that good to go to the next level, I was afraid that I would go through life looking for that rush and fulfillment. By the grace of God, I found it.

My challenge for anyone who reads this, whether you play guitar or not, strive to reach that fulfillment. Everyone needs a good rush and high. Something that is not easy to comprehend. And please do not let it be the high you get from drugs. A natural real high from something you enjoy is a lot better for you and healthier…and you won’t end up in jail.

I have attached a picture of one moment in my musical career. I remember this moment clear as day. We were playing a big conference for this church and there was close to 2000 kids there. They knew us, and was able to sing along and rock with us. It was one of the best shows I have ever played. I hope you guys have some cool moments like that, that just stick in your mind.


Me, Myself, and My Guitar

Me, Myself, and My Guitar

Whats up guys? My name is Avery Dalton. I am a senior at Radford University in Virginia, and a long time musician. If you are reading this you may either play guitar, want to play guitar, or may have never picked up a guitar. Whatever the circumstances may be, I am sure you are in the right place. To start, I will give you a little info about my background with music and guitars.

When I was 8, I remember sitting and listening to Def Leppard, AC/DC, Poison, Guns and Roses, and many more in the back seat of my moms Ford Explorer. I always loved the guitar solos and riffs. I thought they were so cool. So, when I was 9 I told my parents I wanted to learn guitar and then my mom took me to get my first guitar. We then found a man at my church who gave me lessons. I took the lessons for 3 years and learned a ton. One clear thing that I remember was that I wanted an electric guitar because it was easier to play. He said, “Now is not the time. Once you’ve had enough time on this acoustic, then we can switch.” I am thankful that  he made me do that. Finally, when I was 14 my mom, dad, and guitar teacher bought me my first electric. A red sunburst Fender Telecaster. From there, I decided to kind of branch out on my own. I learned how to read guitar tab, and picked up on a couple of new techniques. All while discovering my own style. When I was 19 I joined together with 4 of my friends from high school that I knew played the drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and sang. We formed my first band, All Came As One. We are a Christian Rock band out of Fort Chiswell, VA.Today, we are still together, and going strong. We’ve opened for many big Christian artists, and just got back from Nashville to release our first EP, which is now on iTunes. While in the band, I have learned how to play piano, ukulele, banjo, bass, and harmonize with lead vocals. It really took my talent and passion for music to a whole new level. So, that’s where I’m at now. Just living the dream while attending college. I hope to always be playing music and I intend to teach my kids one day.

In this blog, we will talk about all sorts of different things related to guitars. From pedals, amps, and tones. To famous guitarists, maintenance, and sheet music. Everything will soon to be discussed. I hope you guys enjoy and have a blast in my blog talking to other musicians who have the same passion.