Simplicity is Key

I have been having a lot of fun here lately with the technical side of guitar. I hope that some of you have found some of my blogs interesting and insightful to your personal guitar experience.

Recently, I read an article on Guitar World about lots of classic rock guitarist from the 80’s and the simple styles they use to make musical masterpieces. It talked about how guitarist like Angus Young (AC/DC), Jimmy Paige (Led Zepplin), and Brian May (Queen) all had unique styles all while playing simple chords. It really made me think about how simple those chords are, but how powerful and how they stick in our heads like nothing else. I mean you can hear some of their guitar riffs and automatically know what the song is by that. And so, as a musician who writes a lot, I took this to heart more then I have before. Simple is better.

My advice for new guitarist trying their hardest to play that crazy five minute solo, or that advance guitarist who is trying to write the most creative riff you have ever heard, slow down. Seriously, slow down and follow the basics. I would rather listen to something memorable, than something cliche that I have heard from most guitarist. That being said, I am guilty of this and beat myself when learning new stuff.

One more thing. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling, but you will never be those guitarist. No they are not Gods that cannot be touched, but just guitarist that have their own way and style of doing things. So make it your own and be something different.

I will attach the link for anyone who wants to read this very informative article. There are some guitar tabs, and a video that shows you how to play some of those amazing riffs.




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