Whats your tone?

Over the past few weeks I have talked a little bit about my passion and some of the experiences that have came with it. Well, this week I am getting right down to business. I will be talking about the tones that come off of your guitar and what they mean.

In the guitar world, the sound that comes from your guitar is the final result from so many different factors. Those factors range in so many different ways. From the style of amp, guitar pedals, and even the strings on the guitar. But the neat thing about the tones that come from this instrument, is that they define you. They express what type of musician you are. What type of music you are in to. If you are angry or happy. Tones express emotion. 

For me, I have around 10 different guitars, but I have one single pedal board, and one amplifier. The pedal board has an assortment of different pedals that do different things. I start my board off with a thing called a compressor. Most guitarist have these and what it does is if my guitar has a sudden spike in volume, it will catch it and moderate it. Then I go to my drive. Drive is where you get the rock sound out of a guitar. Some drive is simple. You will hear that simple drive in blues, soft country, praise and worship, and so fourth. Next is the over-drive. This is basically the next level of distortion that I use. Depending if I have a bad day or need to blow off some steam, I crank this baby up and jam away. Hearing the power that comes from this type of pedal is honestly stress relieving. After that is my reverb pedal. Reverb is the sound you get when you clap your hands in a large bathroom. It creates this loud ambient effect. Following the reverb is my delay pedal. The delay pedal is amazing. It basically gives the echo effect. It will repeat sounds over and over. When you combine the reverb pedal and delay pedal, you get an amazing soft/sweet, but still powerful, sound.Sometimes when I just want to relax or chill, I will put my first drive on, switch my reverb and delay on, and sit and play for hours. After my delay is my boost. It basically gives me more volume when I want to cut through the mix. Like say I am playing a solo or something. Finally, is my volume pedal. It basically controls all my volume for the board. All of these pedals then run through my Fender 212 Frontman. The great thing about all these pedals and amps is that every single guitarist is different. They might have different variations of the pedals, or completely different pedals in general on their board. It is really up to the guitarist, how they feel, and how they play.

I am a laid back kind of guy, with an edgy rocker side. So how my tone sounds really shows how I feel about music, and what emotion I like to show. I hope some of you have enjoyed how I run my set up and I look forward to hearing about your tone!




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