Thank You Instagram

During my last two posts, I talked about why I love guitar and why I play music. This week I want to talk about a crazy experience that happened to me a few years ago. I know the title can be a little misleading, but you’ll understand why I fell in love with Instagram so much.

Every guitarist has their favorite professional guitarist. Some are our heroes in many cases. I can name a few at the top of my head; Angus Young, Slash, Jimmy Hendricks, Randy Rhoads, and many more. One guitarist that I have followed since I was young was actually not as big as the 70s and 80s guitar gods. His name is Jeffery Kunde. He plays for Jesus Culture. If you are not familiar with them, they are a contemporary Christian band that help pave the road for worship music. One thing about them that I loved was the guitar work in all their music. No it wasn’t a crazy 2 minute solo, but the tones, sounds, and riffs that Jeffery came up with were always my favorite to play. That being said, he wasn’t just a guitarist, he was an author as well. In the last few years he released a few books, and I decided to buy one of them. It was called “How I Play Guitar.” I remember when I first seen it, I had to impulse buy. Just because it was wrote by one of my favorite guitarist. It came in the mail about a week after I placed the order and I immediately started reading it. There were so many tricks and techniques that really helped me play better. I was so happy that I had purchased the book. Well, this is where the story gets neat. When I got done reading it, I decided I would post a picture of it on Instagram and tag Jeffery in it. About ten minutes later, I got a notification that he had actually commented on my photo. I was kind of star struck. Some people wouldn’t think it is that big of a deal, but it was huge to me. He then proceeded to snapshot my photo and repost it on his social media websites. It was an incredible hour to watch him actually take the time and respond to fans. It is one I will remember for a life time. I just need to get the book signed now.IMG_3040.PNG

I thought you guys would enjoy this crazy story that happened to me. Maybe some of you all have had some crazy encounters with your favorite musicians!


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