Cold Chills and Adrenaline

I guess the title says it all. For most people, when they do something they love, which means to truly love what they do, you get a special sensation that you don’t get with any other thing. To me that’s what playing guitar is. Especially when I play in live situations. This post will not be about the guitar itself, just feeling I personally get that comes from playing.

Fortunately, my band and I have played on some pretty big stages. Before we even go on, I get the nerves and anxiety that comes with a live performance. These nerves are not really the scared type, more of the, “Hey, let’s get out there and kill it!” I love the rush of playing a solo or a killer riff, and then hearing the crowd respond. The crazy thing is, that these feelings and emotions that overcome myself during these times all start in a small little bed room where I dream I am playing in front of millions. That being said, I don’t play in front of millions, but a couple hundred do the trick. All together, the same effect can happen to anyone.

I know, when I was in high school I used to play soccer during the spring. The feeling before a game was the same I get now before I go on. When I had to give up soccer because I really wasn’t that good to go to the next level, I was afraid that I would go through life looking for that rush and fulfillment. By the grace of God, I found it.

My challenge for anyone who reads this, whether you play guitar or not, strive to reach that fulfillment. Everyone needs a good rush and high. Something that is not easy to comprehend. And please do not let it be the high you get from drugs. A natural real high from something you enjoy is a lot better for you and healthier…and you won’t end up in jail.

I have attached a picture of one moment in my musical career. I remember this moment clear as day. We were playing a big conference for this church and there was close to 2000 kids there. They knew us, and was able to sing along and rock with us. It was one of the best shows I have ever played. I hope you guys have some cool moments like that, that just stick in your mind.



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